Frequently asked questions

Any organization registered and/or licensed to exercise legitimate business activities.

- Our network serves as a Business Exchange Outlet (BEO) that enables Your organization to register its business activities that require partnership, outsourcing and/or funding. Thus we provide a channel that expedites the project implementation process and stimulates the development of core business competencies. BEO also serves as an additional marketing opportunity for your organization. - All registered organizations are eligible for a cost reduction in all educational programs and consulting services provided by Open Mind Management Center Ltd -

Fill out the registration form in order to become part of our business network.

- Register and enter into Your profile; - Click on "My Projects"; - Click on the "Create" button; - Fill out the information, describing your business need; - Select the project activity that best describes your business project; - Describe your project and attach all necessary files; - Click the "Save" button.

Select the project, which your company would like to carry out. Click on "Submit an offer" and fill out/attach your budget proposal.

- it helps to reduce the time-frame between project initiation and implementation; - it strengthens and markets your business competencies; - it provides your business with an objective rating that realistically reflects your business strengths; - it helps you build a business reputation that attracts new business for your business; - it helps you achieve synergy between your business goals, objectives and project activities.

Regardless of size and scope, all business organizations have one thing in common - need for development. Business development often boils down to building business competencies and timely project initiation, funding and completion. Your business can rarely achieve growth in isolation. As a result, our business exchange outlet stimulates joint business action on mutually expedient projects. It provides the environment providing a non zero sum business experience. In addition, it helps organizations develop their core business competencies and enhance their overall competitiveness.